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Oxygenator – Hippuris Vulgaris

Commonly known as Mares Tail this British wild native oxygenating plant. Pale green narrow leaves arranged in whorls that grow half out of the water. Excellent for Oxygenating and maintaining clean healthy pond water and providing a protected environment for small fish and wild-life. Height 10-20cm. Water depth 6-20 cm over the soil/crown.

NOT to be confused with it’s woodland version.

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Floating Plants

Salvinia Natans – A floating fern

This is not a winter hardy plant and as such should be regarded as an annual plant within the UK.

Each plant has three leaves – two floating, and one submersed. The floating leaves are elliptical to ovate with dense stiff hairs on the upper surface, whereas the submerged leaves are finely dissected and serve as nutrient absorbing organs.

Family Salviniaceae
Origin Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.
Category Floating Plant
Height 1-3cm (0.4-1.2”)
Growth Rate Medium-Fast

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